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How to Reduce Dust in your Home

Where does dust in your home come from? About 60% of household dust comes from outside your home. Other dust sources include tiny particles of skin, food debris, your fireplace, and through carpet fibers and upholstery. Although it’s difficult to think about, dust mites can develop naturally in your home

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Dryer Vent Maintenance

As you know, your dryer vent is one of the biggest fire hazards in your home. When lint and debris gets built up in the vent, it blocks the hot air trying to escape the appliance as it dries your clothing. It will cause your dryer to run slower, but

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Smoke Alarm Batteries: Changing and Dating Them

Picture this: You have just made yourself a piping hot cup of hot chocolate and are snuggled in on the couch in front of your fireplace. You turn on a holiday movie classic, and BOOM. The chirping of your upstairs smoke alarm starts. Moment ruined.   Your smoke alarm batteries need to

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What is the Purpose of Softener Salt?

Your water softener is the appliance in the home that is used to remove calcium and magnesium ions from hard water. As water flows through your water softener, the system filters out those hard minerals, replaces those hard minerals with soft sodium ions (i.e., softener salt), and leaves the soft water

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