Air Duct Cleaning & Routine Maintenance Services

Who We Are

About Us

We are a team striving to bring a quality of ethics and workmanship unmatched. The team members that work at Kura Home go through a thorough training program to ensure that every client we serve receives the highest quality service. We believe that people should come before profits. That goes for our clients, team members, and every person or business that interacts with Kura Home.

Our Qualifications

Kura was started by a Certified Home Inspector (certification #14428) to professionally take care of your maintenance needs. We strive to maintain your home with the highest expertise. Not only will we take care of your home maintenance needs, we have the qualifications to know if your home is working safe and efficiently. Kura Home is also insured.

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Our Background

Daniel grew up on a hobby farm and began working for the small family business starting at a young age. At age 16, he helped his parents build their dream home on the farm, learning everything from concrete pouring to siding installation. After studying business at Bethel University, Daniel worked several years in the business and home service industry. As a General Manager, he saw that there was a huge need for busy homeowners to have their home maintenance taken care of in a professional manner, and Kura was established.

Why Choose Kura Homes?

Minnesota Based, Nationally Known.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions Used.

People Focused Not Profit Focused.

Top Rated Service.

Prompt and Courteous Service.

Fully Trained and Qualified Employees.